3 steps to your first home

General Brandon Gervais 12 Jun

Picture this: You’ve finally been able to put away enough for a down-payment on your dream home. It’s taken you five years of diligent saving, but you did it! You have also been diligently working on improving your credit score and paying off debts and are at a place of financial stability. So, first of […]

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Home Buyers’ Plan

General Brandon Gervais 5 Jun

The Home Buyers’ Plan is a Canada wide program that allows individuals to withdraw a certain amount from their Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) for the purposes of qualifying for a home or if you are planning to help a related person who may have a disability. Currently, the maximum amount an individual can withdraw […]

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8 Steps to Home Ownership

General Brandon Gervais 17 May

There’s nothing quite like stepping into your dream home for the very first time. You have achieved your goal of homeownership! However, the journey from home seeker to home buyer can be challenging – unless you have a well-defined plan and guidance from the right professionals. As a mortgage agent, here’s how I will help […]

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Who pays your mortgage broker? Not you!

General Brandon Gervais 13 May

If you’re looking to get a mortgage and considering a mortgage broker, there’s a good chance you’re wondering about how much the service costs. Good news! Clients looking to get a standard residential mortgage pay no fees to the broker. On standard residential mortgages, it’s 100% free for the clients. We’re paid by the bank […]

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What is your best rate?

General Brandon Gervais 9 May

One of the most common questions asked in the mortgage industry is. What is your best rate? You would automatically think this is a pretty easy question to answer, but I can assure you it’s not quite that simple. Today is a totally different market, here are some of the variables that come into play […]

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General Brandon Gervais 8 May

1. Change your job. You were qualified for your mortgage financing based on your income, years at the job and the understanding that you were there for a while. Changing jobs should be put off until after possession day. 2 – Changing your name. Make sure that your identification and your name match. Do not […]

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How to pick the best mortgage for YOUR situation

General Brandon Gervais 1 May

Most Canadians are conditioned to think that the lowest interest rate means the best mortgage product. Although sometimes that is true, a mortgage is much more than just an interest rate. You can save yourself a lot of money if you pay attention to the fine print for the total cost of your mortgage. In […]

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Accessing your home equity to invest

General Brandon Gervais 30 Apr

To tap into your home’s equity, it all starts with refinancing your home. If you own a home, the equity you have built up in it is one of the most valuable assets you have available to you. It is also much more accessible than taking out a large loan. In many cases, home equity […]

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Pre-approved VS. Pre-qualified

General Brandon Gervais 29 Apr

Throughout the mortgage and home buying process, there are many steps and many checkpoints a buyer will need to complete before they can move on to the next one. A buyer will not be able to close on a purchase if they do not have a lawyer. Financing conditions need to be lifted after confirmation […]

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How to improve your credit score

General Brandon Gervais 26 Apr

When applying for any sort of loan, one of the most important metrics a lender is going to look at is your credit score. But what really is a credit score, who keeps track of it, and most importantly, how can you improve yours? There are a few simple ways to keep your credit score […]

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